My Gang

We are wild, dysfunctional, loving, frustrating, creative, always having dance parties, always trying to be outside, always messy, but we are a “we.”


HRH: Is my girl. She’s strong, high-spritired, responsible, creative, loving, bossy, sassy, and my husband and I always say that she is the goofiest girl anyone will ever meet. She loves creating stories and leading her brothers around. She is full of love and compassion. She is something very special and will do great things. Her heart is big and full. She is my world. She loves yoga, writing, reading, and being outside. She could live in trees if you let her. She is also my step-daughter, but that is merely a label and  I don’t take that on. I am her mother. She is my daughter. I have been in her life since she was a year old and have taken on the role of mommy with love and acceptance and have let it fall in to place at her own pace. I started out as “B,” then went to “Mommy B,” then to “Mommy.” Sometimes she calls me Brittany when she’s feeling extra sassy, but whatever she calls me, I know she loves me.

CAB: Is a great mix of mine and my husband’s personalities. He is high-spirited, wild, dramatic, loving, talkative, smart, emotional, and his own person. He drives me crazy. He jumps off couches. He yells at me and slams doors, but loves deeply. He still puts his hand on my cheek to talk to me sometimes.  He is exactly who is supposed to be. His imagination never stops and he could read books all day is you let him. He’s a great big brother, a loving and pesky little brother, and my middle child full of energy and light.

OKB: Is my baby. I hate seeing him grow up, but love it at the same time. He’s all boy and I hate using that expression, but he truly is. He hates hugs unless they are from his friends, his mom, or his dad. He’s a teacher, but is always looking for validation from his brother and sister, coining the phrase, “Amitrite, (Insert siblings name)?”  His heart is big, but his wild is bigger. He will talk your head off about what he loves and knows. He is his own person. This kid can dance. He loves his family and wants to be a video game maker, comic book drawer, and a dad some day. This boy has my heart in his hands.


Husband: Is my rock, although you will read a lot about how he frustrates me. He supports our family and works harder than anyone I know. He’s a doctor, a creator, beer brewer, lover, excellent and devoted father, and is always taking on something new, no matter how full his plate is. He loves with all his has and would do anything for his family. He’s a social butterfly and people pleaser. He’s full of compassion, but a hard ass at the same time. He’s the only person i can be 100% myself around (the good, the bad, the goofy, and the ugly). He comes up with ideas, begins to create, and then I continue and take care of it until the end  (example: our chickens). We work well together. We give each other what we need and are polar opposites a lot of the time, but it works. He teaches the kids, answering their questions (no matter how wild) with grace and knowledge. He is mine and no matter what I say on any given day, we are lucky.

Daisy: Is my 7 year old dog who thinks she’s a human toddler. She thinks she can run, but p00ps out at .2 miles. She cuddles and protects.

Ellie May: Is my grand cat. Hannah got her for her 8th birthday and is the most responsible pet owner ever (seriously, that girl has it together). Ellie is wild and tries to eat my feet and always tries to pester the dog, but always gets barked at and goes and hides.

Po, Maybelle, Ninja, Smore, and The One I can Never Remember What we Named Her: Chickens who keep me and Hannah busy and give us the glorious gift of fresh eggs daily.


Picture Circa 2013